Trout River is the prefect area to visit. 

A thriving fishing village, surrounded by Gros Morne National Park, Trout River is a true hidden gem.  

Offering something for everyone, you can fill your days with everything from 

back country adventuring to fine dining. 


Hike the newly redone trails in Trout River.  The Eastern Point Trail, The Old Man/Light House Trail, And Hummock Trail. They are fairly short trails, about 1 hour each, that allow you to experience beautiful coastal scenery. 

These trails are a great way to unwind after a fun filled day or after dining on fresh, locally caught seafood while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Don't forget....Trout River Pond Hiking Trail (photo) is the best kept secret on the West Coast!


Visit Trout River for a weekend and participate in the 

Recreational Groundfish Food Fishery!

The Summer Season occurs every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday beginning July 4th until September 7th. The Fall Season occurs September 26th until October 4th.

Taste what it is truly like to be a Newfoundlander. Catch yourself a cod fish, fillet it, and cook it for supper. All in the same day. Fresh doesn't even begin to describe your

 catch of the day.


Reduce your carbon footprint!

Enjoy Trout River while being Eco-friendly. With approximately 3 kilometers of road, you can easily bike from Ocean Breeze B&B to any of your in-town destinations.

Enthusiastic? You can bicycle to 3 popular hiking trails, located just outside of town, Trout River Pond (1 km away), Green Gardens (1 km away) and the Tablelands (10 km away) are a must when visiting the West Coast.

Bicycles are available at Ocean Breeze B&B


Love the water? Let us help you begin your adventure!

A guided tour of Trout River Pond or a fishing trip 

into the open ocean.

 Looking to relax, enjoy a joyride along the rugged, yet beautiful, coastline of Newfoundland, see a resettled community, or see Green Gardens from the ocean.

All options during your stay at Ocean Breeze B&B. 

Please email us for more information


Get up close and personal with the rugged beauty of Newfoundland.

Adventure out into Trout River Cove and beyond in kayak.

Explore local sea crevices and caves, marvel at the many waterfalls that blanket the coastline, or have a picnic on a secluded beach.

Open water not your thing, that's fine. Kayak Trout River Pond! Experience the Tableland Mountains and the granite cliffs of the Appalachian Mountains while paddling your way through a fresh water, in-land fjord.


Kayaks are available at Ocean Breeze B&B


If a quiet get away is what you need, Ocean Breeze B&B is the place for you. Our deluxe rooms offer private en suite bathrooms, private entrances and private patios. Step onto the glorious Trout River Beach and watch the sunset over the open water before ending your day.


After several days of back-country camping and hiking on the Appalachian Trail, rejuvenate with a hot shower and relaxing sunset view over the open ocean before retreating to a comfortable bed at the Ocean Breeze B&B.


Gotta Get Me Moose B'ys!

Ocean Breeze B&B is surrounded by hunting areas 5 and ME3. 

Enjoy crisp, cool mornings, prefect for hunting and with plenty of local wildlife, filling a license will be a breeze.

Contact us about guide availability and other hunting information

Experience Winter

Newfoundland â€‹winter is unlike no other. From spectacular winter storms to beautiful sunny days, the West Coast of Newfoundland has some of the best winter weather on the island.

Ocean Breeze is located within minutes of snowshoeing opportunities, snowmobiling trails, and

back-country snowboarding and alpine skiing mountains. 

Ocean Breeze is a scenic 1 hour drive from the infamous Marble Mountain Ski Resort. Enjoy your delicious, morning coffee and homemade muffins during your drive to Marble. Hit the slopes for a day of winter splendor in fresh Newfoundland powder and finish off with a scenic drive through a national park. 

Upon your return to Ocean Breeze B&B, you will be met with a hot shower and comfortable bed to end off the perfect winter get away.

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